Posting of Daily Goals for Decluttering/Organization – my Flight Plan


I am a teacher attracted to working with students in the areas of language and literacy.  Therefore, I am licensed to teach students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, English Language Learners, and others who have difficulty in areas of literacy.  See below for current status in this area.

I am a wife of a fun-loving, hard-working Packer fan and mother of three gifted, talented, ADHD kids, one with hemiplegia which means one-sided weakness.  Our house and garage are full of rabbits, a guinea pig, a chinchilla, and a cat!  Stay tuned for further pet additions in the future?????

I am a lover of books, my favorite genre being historical fiction!  When I have oodles of time and no urgent need to make money, I would love to write some myself.

I am currently teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) or ELL (English Language Learners) for two small districts near our home.  In one district I teach Kindergarten through high school (20+ students), and in the other one I teach 6th grade through high school (25ish students) and a handful more to monitor progress.

This blog was originally designed two years ago to chronicle my journey from one career phase to another.  I had left a career of 20+ years to try something new – although still in the same field of Deaf & Hard of Hearing.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, but likely part of a bigger plan than I could have created for myself, that job ended at the end of the school year.  I then spent a year substitute teaching while starting a Master’s degree with reading specialist certification and a year teaching 3rd-5th grade ESL students (about 40) in a town 30 miles down the Interstate over the nastiest winter we’d had in a looong time (all this while finishing my Master’s).  I then ended up accepting a half-time position with K-high school about 20 minutes from home and had a great winter for driving.  In December I was hearing hints of the second nearby district needing to add another teacher half-time, and by February it came true.  I now teach every other day in each of the two districts.

So my purpose of chronicling my career journey, which I was ultimately too busy to blog about at the time it was happening, seems to have had a conclusion, if anything in life really ever does.  My intention was also this:  “The randomness of life will be sprinkled liberally into every step of the way just as it is in real life.  If no one else ever reads this, it will still satisfy my need to write and record this life’s path.”

A good part of my inspiration and direction

More inspiration and direction

I’m FLYing as a Butterfly Baby!



My new intention in blogging is to bring about peace from the chaos of a cluttered home filled with 3 kids who all have ADHD, one of whom also has physical challenges and the effects of traumatic brain injury as the results of a brain tumor discovered and removed at the age of 5.  She’s 10, going on 11, now.

With my new resolve, I am posting my Flight Plan each day.  I’ve been following the FlyLady (, Buttoned-Up Challenge, and the like and using them as my inspiration and direction in my new journey.  I intend, as much as possible, to post before and after pictures of my goals and progress, decluttering/organizing at least 15 minutes a day every day.  As the FlyLady says, “You can do anything for 15 minutes.”  I’m going to babystep my way to peace in my house and watch the fruit of my progress, not only on my own personal organization but on other family members and hopefully those who follow my blog as well.  How cool it would be to become inspiration for others when I’m the one who’s been needing it for myself!

Come follow my journey with me and share yours with me!  We can inspire each other!

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful inspiring another when you were at first in search for it? 🙂 Keep writing, and I’ll come back for more!

  2. foroneplease said:

    I love the idea of decluttering/organizing for 15 mins every day 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get my life back on track too, but it always seems overwhelming. Currently seeking inspiration from:
    The Happiness Project
    by Gretchen Rubin
    Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify
    by Francine Jay
    They might be help you too!
    Thank you for tagging along with me, am looking forward to sharing your journey with you as well 🙂

    • Thanks, foroneplease, for “liking” and commenting. It’s great to have feedback! I will certainly have to look up those books. There are so many out there. I have a few; unfortunately they’re lost in the clutter somewhere. Ha! I like the online resources. I can’t lose those! FlyLady and Buttoned Up are my best so far!

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