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Job interview like going on The Bachelor

Okay, here’s the dilemma.  If I believe in the law of attraction, then my entire heart, mind, and soul has to be focused on my upcoming job interview and that being the perfect job for me, picturing myself with that job, immersing myself in the fact that I already have that job before I get there.  For any job interview I’ve had before this, can I say that some part of me was not in synch with actually owning that job?  Possibly.  There likely were parts of the job that made me hesitate, even if I put my whole self into the interview.  Isn’t that true for for every job and every person?  So, how do you put your whole self- heart, mind, and soul into owning the job that you’re interviewing for, knowing that you could be (It has happened!) disappointed in the end and turning your heart, mind, and soul in another direction by next week.  Sounds fickle to me!  I could be owning this job in my mind during the interview and owning another job, again in my mind, next week during another interview.  Isn’t that like playing on The Bachelor?  Play out the scene with my whole heart with more than one person (the Bachelor) or hiring team and give my heart to the one who tells me that they want me.  They ask, “Why do you want this job?”  Honestly, I may want to work for you because you want me to work for you!  I love you, because you love me!  Is that all bad?!

By the way, I do have an interview – tomorrow.  Yes, I have more reasons to want this job than hoping that they love me.  I do own this job!  It’s mine already!  I asked God the other day if it wasn’t about time now, and the phone call came the next day.  It’s mine and I’m ready!

I’ll tell you in a week or so if I’ve been forced to turn my heart in a new direction again and give my love to someone else.

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