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It’s about the journey

I hear nothing from a district I’d really like to work for and thought I had a good chance in, but another job opens up that excites me a lot!  I’ve spent two years trusting God for the job I will end up with and enjoying the adventure of seeing what will come.  At the same time, my mind can start feeding me ideas about the unknown – the unheard conversations and decisions happening between administrators regarding the job that I thought could be mine.  Is it too soon to start speculating about what potential employers are thinking as they sift through applications and compare my resume to others?  I have much education and experience with a variety of students.  Is it too much?

I have grown in this experience through my need to put myself forward, push and expand my knowledge as an educator, and become my own best advocate.  The fears and inklings of doubt come when someone close to me questions the decision I made to leave my job of over 20 years in the first place.  I could have stayed safe in the comfort of my tenured (only one in the district) position.  I chose to take a career risk by moving from a part-time secure position to a full-time job where I needed a second contract in order to achieve tenure in the new district.  Due to circumstances I could not have foreseen, (the takeover of a public school program by a state-run academy, thereby displacing teachers with bumping rights), my position quickly became tenuous, and I have been on that road of trust ever since.

I believe that God brought me here for a reason; and if, for some reason, none of the currently available jobs is part of the “big picture” for me, I trust that God will continue to oversee the plan while I do my part by throwing myself into every potential situation just to try it out and see where it leads.  It may be that the journey is at least equally important as the destination!

Hire me – I have what you need!

More jobs to apply for.  They keep cropping up, and that’s good, but the point is to actually get an interview and then have that one shot to let the principal and other team members know that I am the one they need, and they’ll be missing something if they don’t hire me!

I have applications out in elementary and ESL and just found another ESL posting and one for a reading teacher.  With licensure in all of those areas, plus Deaf/Hard of Hearing, I should be very hireable.  And longevity!  If they want someone who’s going to stay until retirement, that’s the plan!  I plan to love my job and put everything I have into it.  And what I have is a lot!  I have a cohort full of candidates for licensure as reading specialists who will attest to my knowledge and devotion to children’s literacy, and soon I’ll have the license to prove it too!  Why would principals not be banging on my door, begging me to come and teach their students and advise them and their teachers on best practices in teaching struggling readers?!

Why “Book, Tree, Sky, Purple”?

I’ve wanted to do a blog since seeing the movie “Julie/Julia”, but what would be worth writing about that anyone else would want to follow? Friends and family followed my daughter’s brain surgery and therapy journey through CaringBridge. That was like a blog. I could chronicle my search for a job over the past year which is a familiar theme for many people, but my search is likely peculiar to me. Maybe I’ll make some self-discovery through blogging that will change the course of my path. Or, better yet, maybe the search will end next week and that focus to my blog will be fulfilled.

The name of this blog….. Book, Tree, Sky, Purple ….. comes from a test a psychologist we know would give to test short-term memory. She would give these four pretty random words, have a conversation about whatever for the next ten minutes or so, and then ask for the four words. Unfortunately, she gave the same four words each time we came in, and it soon became a joke between me and my dear daughter who was being tested. The poor woman never knew that her test was turning into an assessment of long-term memory or the source of humor. DD, out of the middle of nowhere, at any time or place, might suddenly burst out with, “Book, tree, sky, purple”. And we’d both get this vision in our minds of this 50-something woman with her blouse tucked into the elastic waistband of her polyester pants and a clipboard in her hand.

Oh, so, in other words, this blog could very well turn out to be an exercise in randomness – “Book, tree, sky, purple” – or at least randomness could be thrown into the middle of the focus at any time.

For now, my job search which began a little over a year ago when I first received official notification that the insecure job I left my secure job for was about to come to an end. More tomorrow….

Hello world!

Welcome to This is my first post. Read on.

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