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FLYing into the New School Year

       Notebooks, 3-ring binders, and glue sticks are all purchased and two out of three sets are already in their owners’ lockers waiting for the start of the school year.  Teen DD being a senior this year, she won’t know for sure what she needs until her actual first day of class, but she made her best predictions.  Our first school supply shopping was from a bin in our house where I’ve collected an assortment of supplies when they’re on sale each year.  I marked each of those items off on the list for each of my kids, before looking up each of the remaining items in the weekly sale fliers on WalMart’s and Target’s websites.  I recorded the prices at each website and developed my shopping list from there using Cozi.  My list from syncs with the Cozi app on my IPhone, as it did with my Droid before that, and I can check the items off at the store as I find them.

This has also been a time of preparing for the start of my teaching year.  I’m trying out a new-for-me app called Astrid to keep track of my to-do list for starting the school year.  It allows me to prioritize each item by due date as well as importance and check them off as I go.  This is especially important for me, since I’m teaching in two districts.  I actually entered most  to-do items twice and labelled them for each district, so I can could check them off in each place when completed.

With the organization I’ve had both in preparing my kids for school and myself for teaching, I’m feeling much more relaxed than I normally do at the start of a new school year.  Not that I’m totally anxiety-free.  But I feel a significant measure of control over both situations which is a freeing feeling.

Now my Labor Day weekend is being spent posting items for sale on E-bay and our local Buy and Sell group and finding apps for my school-owned IPad.  Oh, and watching movies with Teen DD between her segments of work and cleaning her room.  Life is good.


Flight Plan -County Fair/Surgery/School Year

I’m FLYing!

From my title you might guess that this is a busy time.  I’ve been FLYing through all three of these things – helping with 4-H projects for the county fair, preparing for surgery for my youngest, and shopping for the coming new school year, oh, besides planning for starting my new year of teaching.  All of this while continuing my decluttering/organization projects.

So here’s some of what’s been going on…

Teen DD asked for money for bobby pins for rabbit showing at the fair. I searched the drawer in the bathroom and ended up giving it a much needed cleaning. Hair things dumped in the drawer and spilled baby shampoo making things gunky. No, we haven’t had a baby in the house in 10 years!

Toothpaste & lip balms in narrow white organizer (also washed) and combs and flossers next to it in the drawer.  Hair things in separate bin for Tween DD.  Ear rings and whatever collected next to sink for Teen DD to take.

The bin full of stuffed animals was piled high with clothes moving from Teen DD to Tween DD – all of that between the bathroom doorway and the laundry hamper system. Unfortunately there are 6 years between the two girls, and clothes have to be stored several years before we pull them out and hope they fit, are still in style, and that Tween DD likes them…Ew, how dirty is the carpet underneath all that and behind the laundry bags too!

The pile of clothes is now in vacuum sealed bags for storage and the floor thoroughly brushed and vacuumed behind and underneath.

Hallway before

My side of the new refrigerator will contain reminders like “Take your vitamins” and “Drink water.”   Memo boards and laminated routine are on the other side of the refrigerator.  As Tween DD completes her morning routine, she moves laminated strips from the left to the right side of the refrigerator. On the far right is a job list on which kids can record points they earn that turn into money at the end of the week.

My side of the new refrigerator – It will contain reminders like “Take your vitamins” and “Drink water.”

Daily routine before

Completed routine – laminated strips moved to the right

Today is Fair Entry Day and 4-H Rabbit Judging at night.  Tomorrow I can post some awesome 4-H projects on trifolds, rabbits ready for transport, and craft projects boxed to go.  Later in the week I’ll post ribbons earned, … after returning from the hospital with Tween DD from her surgery.  More on that to come…



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