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Flight Plan -Decluttering Stressful or Stress Reducing?

Is it possible to get too obsessive with routines and decluttering so that it can actually become a stressful thing?  Or maybe it’s the stress of seeing so much more I want to get done accompanied by the awareness of time being short.  After all, this is county fair week as I’ve mentioned previously.  It’s also the week that my youngest has surgery scheduled.  (At least there’s no stress over the insurance coverage now.)  And I’m scheduled to present at back-to-school workshops and prepare for the start of the school as a teacher in two different districts as well as get my own kids ready to go back.  And I’m continuing my mission of routines at home with decluttering included, while living with 3 kids (two teens and a tween) who all feel some levels of stress as well with fair week and the impending start of a new school year that the fair signals for us.


My body may be starting to feel it!  I’ve had tightness in my chest and need to tell myself to relax….  Then I ask myself if I’ve been remembering some of the very basic things I’ve been trying to build routines for –   drink water, take my vitamins, get enough rest, have fun!

So now I’ve scheduled electronic reminders for myself on my new IPhone.  Every day I’m getting gentle chimes that remind me to “Drink water,” “Take vitamins,” etc.

A friend recently told me a story about someone who actually brought his dead son back to life by praising and thanking God for His great healing power and for the life of his son.  She stressed that through all of her own health issues, she has been remembering to be thankful and how stress relieving that is.

I tried it myself yesterday while flying across town in a total panic over back tags (yellow sheets of paper with large black numbers worn by the rabbit show participants).  Ours were misplaced and I had two girls waiting at the fairgrounds for their white shirts and jeans plus the back tags and only 20 minutes to go before the start of the competition.  All this after being so pleased with Teen DD’s organization with to-do lists made for the day.

Then I remembered the words of my friend whom I hadn’t seen in so long – about thankfulness.  I began thanking God as I pulled up to a red light.  Thank you God for the routines that carried us through fair entry days so that I made only one necessary trip across town and back instead of 2-3 trips for forgotten items.  Thank you God for all the opportunities our kids have through 4-H.  The red light turned quickly to green.  Thank you in advance, God, for the outcomes of the rabbit show and for my daughters who are waiting there patiently for me.  My shoulders relaxed with the realization that all outcomes are already decided and ours to enjoy.  What will we remember later and carry into the future with us?  Further relaxed.  I pulled into the fairgrounds and called to let the girls know I’d arrived with their clothes.  My Teen DD, whom I had expected to be screaming in panic and berating me for taking so long, said, “Okay, I see you.  I’ll come get the clothes.  And don’t worry about the back tags.  They made new ones for us.  Oh, and we’re not up for awhile.”   Yes, “all things work out for good to those who love the Lord.” Romans 8:28  And thank you, God, for putting Angie there to remind me of all this.

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