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Flight Plan on Hold? or FLYing through Surgery

E’s hemiplegic hand before surgery

I had mentioned upcoming surgery for my daughter.  Well, it happened last Friday and my life has been crazy to say the least.  Did this put my Flight Plan on hold, or did I FLY through surgery?  Well, let’s just say, I was not adequately prepared with a Flight Plan for surgery.  I mean, how many times in your life (I hope not many) do you need a packing list specifically for an overnight stay at the hospital?  And what exactly do you take?  Also, keep in mind that you’re accompanying your 10-year-old daughter who will not be able to carry anything for herself following surgery, leaving you as the sole person responsible for everything.  Throw in details like sleep deficit and the stress that comes for teachers at the beginning of every new school year with the overwhelming number of details to attend to even before the first Teacher Workshop days, and my Flight Plan faltered.  I panicked, became overwhelmed, and screamed at my husband who appeared to be living a normal, everyday life that I couldn’t have.

Cast from fingertips to about two inches from her shoulder after quadruple tendon transfer to lift her wrist and fingers into a useful grasping position

In the end, I did come up with a manageable amount of baggage to bring into the hospital and carry back out again.  I did keep things organized by things to do during the waiting time before and during surgery and clothing and toothbrushes etc for the overnight stay.  I actually considered using my wait time during surgery to write up the plan for the presentation I’m scheduled for during teacher inservice days next week.  I know, right?

What I really did during surgery was eat breakfast (so I wouldn’t become a patient later by fainting in the recovery room with my daughter), post updates to friends and family, nap (so I wouldn’t look like I might faint in the recovery room and so I could intelligently ask and answer questions), and eat lunch (to have the energy to care for my daughter after surgery, especially not knowing when I could get away again).

Yes, I really wonder what I looked like when the admitting nurse, while asking me questions about Emily’s medical history, made a point of telling me that I was welcome to come to the recovery room within 30 minutes of her arrival there but that I certainly didn’t have to if I didn’t want to.  What?! my tired brain protested, trying to make sense of this.  WHY would I not want to be in the recovery room with my daughter?  Are there actually parents who think they have better things to do or what?  At another point, the nurse asked me if I was okay.  “Oh, yes,” I said brightly!  Do I look that bad?  Yes, I guess a couple of nights of 5 hours sleep will do that.  I need at least 7 hours to really feel good.

Cast on right arm from surgery, brace on right leg due to hemiplegia (one-sided weakness or paralysis), bandaged knee from surgery to halt growth on left to facilitate evening of leg length, and crutch for left arm – Oh, and dinosaur surgical cap on head

So I guess it appeared that my Flight Plan may falter, but I flew (FLY = Finally Loving Yourself) when I took care of myself during surgery.  After all, what good would I be if I didn’t?!

Flight Plan – July 10, 2012 Preparing to FLY on vacation

I’m FLYing (or at least babystepping) with my routines.

I’m carrying on with the regular mid-summer routine of summer school, instrument lessons, TaeKwonDo along with the, hopefully organized, chaos of preparing to leave on vacation.  As my title states, I am attempting to continue to FLY (Finally Loving Yourself) through this week and this whole process.

One of my favorite organizational tools – lists, lists, color coded lists ColorNote on my Droid and my Kindle Fire helps tremendously.  I have my lists made and color coded from previous years so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel this time.  I’m prepared to grocery with the kids tomorrow, or at least 2/3 of them.  They can each pick their own healthy snack to take along as well as help decide on other food items.

We’ll stay overnight 2 nights on our way to our final destination, the annual CHASA (Children’s Hemiplegia & Stroke Association) retreat for families in Arlington, Texas.  We’re counting on continental breakfast in hotels, packed lunch, and eating out for supper.  We’ll have a large cooler, a bin with food and food-related items, another bin or box of other needed items such as flippers and floaties, and a suitcase and tote bag apiece for 5 people.  I fully intend to continue to post organizational progress while traveling.

The bench by my desk before clearing

Meanwhile, my desk area gets encroached on so easily.  Time for some bench clearing so I can move in my space.  Also, keeping up with dishes and laundry makes for continuing good habits and allowing us to easily invite our pet sitter into the house.

Here’s the newly cleared bench by my desk.

About 15 minutes later…

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