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Good fit job has arrived!

Well, I don’t have to turn my heart in a new direction! (See last blog)  I have found a district/school that really appreciates what I have to offer and is excited to have me as their new ELL teacher!

Everything that I have done in the last year has led up to now, preparing me for this to be a “good fit” job for me.  I say this without having actually started the job, but I’m seeing the arrows pointing in the right direction..  Even my most recent efforts in contacting administrators for their insights as to what they were looking for and what it would take for me to get an interview….  though their answers seemed vague at the time.  One of my most recent contacts told me that a strong resume isn’t always enough.  Administrators are looking for someone who will be a “good fit” for the district and for the school, someone who will fit in with the staff and the situation in their building and be the best choice for several years.  It is a long-term commitment!

Those words clicked with me!  After all this time of applying for jobs while completing my reading license where I learned about “good fit” books for kids, now I was hearing about “good fit” jobs!

Now it may be obvious that work on the reading license could help prepare me for this job.  I felt like I was able to update my ELL knowledge and skills and learn new literacy teaching.  And I was also given the opportunity to share professional knowledge with teaching colleagues in my cohort which will prepare me to do the same with my new colleagues at Halverson Elementary.  But I believe that Facebook has also prepared me for my new “good fit” job!

Yes, social networking through Facebook has expanded my circle of friends by giving me a a way of communicating with people that I never would have otherwise.  Former colleagues and others that I would have lost contact with are now reading my posts and I theirs.  I am sharing both professionally and personally with a variety of people, especially while maintaining contacts that could help me get a job!!  But also, just making new friends and discovering who I have what in common with.  I have had the opportunity to be more of an extrovert than I normally appear to be.  I widened my circle of friends to the point where I had a team cheering for me when I announced my new job.

I grew professionally through classes, practicums and subbing experiences to the point where I became the “right fit” for my new job.

So I will trust that all the pieces are going to fall into place as far as how my hours will fit in with my family, because I am trusting that God brought me to this place for a reason, and family life will not take second place.

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