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Still trusting

You’re listening to too many people, and some of them are thinking very negatively.  Are those people trusting God, or are they just afraid that life is out of our control?  When we trust God, we know that life is out of our control but that God is in charge.  So we move ahead taking positive steps toward our goal (like getting a job) and leave the rest to God.  I am applying for both full-time and part-time jobs if the part-time job is close enough so it’s worth the gas money to get there.  I am applying for everything I can, talking to people who could help me get a job, etc. and waiting to find out where I’ll end up.  I like to think of it as an adventure!  It can be hard, very hard!  Many, many times I have to wonder why I’m not getting interviews that I thought I would and not knowing when and if I’ll have a teaching job for sure, but then I remind myself that I’m still on this journey.  It can be scary not to know what’s ahead, but that’s part of the adventure!  Negative people will focus on the state of the economy that we have no control over.  I can’t control the economy, but it’s not controlling me either.  God has the big picture!  I can’t see around the corners, so I’m relying on Him to use my efforts to bring me to the next plan in my life.

I recently wrote the following to a family member who needs to chill out and is afraid to do so.  After writing it I thought, this is exactly what I’ve been saying in my blog that I started and didn’t stick with very well.  It’s been May since I last wrote?  Since I was in the middle of my last grad class for the academic year.

My original purpose was to document the journey, however long or short it may be from when I started writing in the spring.  The actual journey has now taken more than a year.  I now have several possibilities for jobs for fall.  I had several possibilities a month or two ago also, and nothing came of any of them (much to my great surprise!)  Wow!  Am I learning a lot!  I never dreamed that it would be this difficult – somewhat difficult, yes, but not this!  I never thought that I would not even be called for interviews for jobs that I am highly qualified for!  And administrators are now on vacation, without letting me know when they’ll be there, what they thought of my resume, and how anxious they are to set up an interview time with me and welcome me to their district!!!

No, no, still trusting, still trusting…..

Okay, my original commitment must stand.  I need to stick with the blog until my goal of getting a job is accomplished.  Meanwhile I may start a new goal here also that I will run simultaneously.  One that allows people and pets to live harmoniously in our house together – or not!

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