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Flight Plan – July 6, 2012 Heat wave breaking…Can I reach the window for fresh air?

My 15 for the day, well, maybe it was half an hour today.  Organizing bins of teaching and office supplies.  My bins have been stacked to overflowing in front of the window.  With our recent heat wave, this hasn’t been an issue.  But the 99 degree temps are supposed to break overnight, and I’ll be happy to welcome the fresh outside air again!  Now I can reach the window!

This is the continuation of sorting out the bins of teaching materials in the corner by my desk. They have been overflowing, and therefore not looking neat and organized. Besides the block easy access to opening the window.

I sorted out materials to post for sale, shifted other materials between bins so that I have 2 bins of teaching materials that will return to classrooms and 1 bin of office supplies for home. Looks much better, and I can open the window now.


Flight Plan – July 5, 2012 Flying partners ??

DH’s turn this time!  He organized the refrigerator, including the meat and cheese drawer, and threw out outdated food items.  Looks good!

No before picture, but you all know what your refrigerators usually look like. You know… when it’s hard to find what you know is there, and science experiments are growing somewhere in the back – long forgotten.
Hey! This looks great! Now to post this picture somewhere so we can refer back to it when things start to slip. This is what an organized refrigerator can look like!

I spent my morning picking up teen DD, Cierra, and friend from a sleepover; taking tween DD, Emily, to pick up her new glasses frames and teen DS, Jordan, to get his glasses adjusted; dropping off friend at home; picking up hay for our 4-H rabbits; shopping for sunglasses for all 3 kids for our upcoming vacation; and bringing Jimmy John’s home for lunch.

Pretty pink glasses with green bows and sparkles on the corners
Pretty cute!

My afternoon was spent helping kids finalize their registration lists of 4-H projects and taking Emily to her adaptive swim lesson.  This evening I washed the day’s dishes and mixed up a strawberry ice cream recipe to put in the ice cream maker in the morning.

Homemade strawberry ice cream – Yum!

20ish minutes to fresh homemade ice cream – One way to bless my family!

Tomorrow is scheduled to be our last record-breaking hot day for awhile, so we’ve scheduled a waterpark day.  So when will I make the cards for our SWAPS that we will share at our upcoming CHASA family retreat, fold the waiting laundry, and post items for sale online?  They will get done!  I am not behind!  I will jump right back in when the time is right.  After all, it’s summer vacation for the kids and myself.  I will regret it when they’re away from home if I don’t do the fun things with them right now.

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