Posting of Daily Goals for Decluttering/Organization – my Flight Plan

The goals I’ve made for myself  –  I feel like if I don’t accomplish them quickly, they won’t happen.  That happens too many times around here.  But, on the other hand, I need to not run myself into the ground.  I’m been spending a lot of time the past couple of days in front of the computer, whether it’s writing this blog, reading inspirational/motivational posts and e-mails, and searching for the perfect to-do/list apps for my  new IPhone.  (I had great ones for my DroidX already, so why did I switch?)

Today I’m tired.  But my kids are away this week.  This is my time to accomplish goals.  But one of those goals needs to be to learn how to relax and enjoy.

Today I inserted “Exercise, eat” between steps of my to-do list at least 3 times.  I will go step-by- step through the list which includes the things I need for me and things I will enjoy, mixed in among the hard-core organizational goals.  I will also remember to do only one-step (15 minutes each) at a time, and the whole thing will be manageable.

I have to start with dishes.  Aaawww! I whine internally.  Then I remember the movie I want to watch on our kitchen DVD player as I clear the dish drainer and wash the next round.  Oh, and I get to finish clearing the magnets and miscellaneous whatever collected on the refrigerator.  We’re getting a new fridge tonight!!!  Yes!  And I have a system in mind for organized use of the side of  the fridge as a magnet board for daily routines.  Again, yes!!

The side of our refrigerator – You should have seen the front. All good, usable stuff, of course! Just too much of it! Then no one sees ANY of it!

Aaawww!  I don’t have near enough dishes or magnet clearing to do to keep me in the kitchen for the length of a movie.  That’s okay!  Take the DVD upstairs later and continue it while you fold clothes and empty baskets in the bedroom!

Yeah, that’s the plan!


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