Posting of Daily Goals for Decluttering/Organization – my Flight Plan

Yes!!!  I started the FlyLady’s habit a couple of months ago of making the bed as soon as I get out of it, at least my half on days DH is still there.  DH fell right in and finished his side after I left for work during the school year.  Today I remembered that I haven’t been making my side this week since I wanted to strip the bed and haven’t gotten there yet.  I found that DH had made the whole thing (pulling up the sheet and one thin blanket – which is all we do in the summer) and realized that he has been doing this for some time.  Yes!!!

It takes 2 minutes or less!  We can do this!  Kids too!

We’re still getting ready for our trip.  My morning started with looking for a travel organizer I had purchased a couple of years ago, but now I’m afraid it’s lost in the garage right when we could really use it.  I did find a couple of empty bins that we can use once the cobwebs are washed out.  Yuck!  Then I vacuumed the dust and bugs out of a bin of stamping materials I’ve been tripping over.  They’re out in my space to remind me to store them or post them for sale.

(Now there’s an important question….  How do we quickly decide what we’ll keep, including how to store it, and what we’ll sell/donate and how much it’s worth/we should ask for it?  I would welcome any answers……..)

Come on! I want that window, not the one you already opened.

To return to topic….my morning so far has been somewhat random, even though I have a list (a bit too long today) right in front of me.  But after cleaning the stamping bin, I found the bin of gaming manuals that DS was asking me about just yesterday, dusted it, and put it out for him.  Now the cat wants to get to her window.  Is she okay with the window on the right side of the desk where I cleared the space the other day?  No,…. she thinks she needs the window on the left side of the desk, and that side isn’t scheduled for decluttering until after our trip.


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