Posting of Daily Goals for Decluttering/Organization – my Flight Plan

Let’s start fresh with June 30 as a beginning date, even though I was fluttering on my Flight Plan over this past week and I know full well that will happen from time to time.  This year, June 30, 2012 – June 30, 2013 brings important changes in our family that I want to be ready for as they come.  Our youngest will have two important and simultaneous surgeries in August – one on her left leg and one on her right hand, both to correct effects of hemiplegia caused by a brain tumor discovered and removed when she was 5.  Our oldest is entering her senior year of high school and preparing for graduation and college.  How many of her animals will she take to her 5 semester vet tech training program with her, and how many will be left for Mom and Dad to keep for her?  Let’s see… 5 rabbits, a cat, a chinchilla, and a chicken at present count.

And Mom (that’s me) wants to add a dog – my dog!  Yes, I know it will be a family dog with the same responsibility as adding a child.  I grew up with a dog.  I’ve wanted my own my whole life!  And I turned 50 this year!  It’s about time!  Do you hear me? (stamps foot)

Oh, also, I’m going into a second year in the same job (teaching students who speak English as a Second Language) which hasn’t happened for about 4 years since I left a 20+ career teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Maybe now I can settle into the two school buildings I’m assigned to instead of storing teaching materials at home.  Maybe I can finish out my career there and not have to wonder if and when I will use materials.  I can begin to keep, throw, and bless others.

So… timeframes and goals….. so we’re ready for those important events…

-teaching materials stored at present in a corner of the basement and around my desk which is in the middle of our house – need to go through them to keep, throw, & bless others

-basement family room cluttered and therefore uninviting – keep, throw, bless (Post pictures online of items for sale)

-declutter baskets in master bedroom of items stored when we moved our youngest in (gave teen sister a break from rooming with kid sister)

-declutter and prepare teen daughter for moving out and freeing up bedroom for younger sister, thereby freeing Mom & Dad from sharing room space with child, prepare to move my new dog in!!!  Did you hear the growl?  That wasn’t the dog.  That was the husband.  Not a dog fan.

-mail kept in cardboard box has become “project” for DH – need routine established for dealing with incoming mail daily

**Husband and kids left for weekend.  How many 15s (15 minute periods) can I do today and tomorrow so I can accomplish one goal or parts of more than one goal and also take some “me” time that is so important also?

Here’s my first short-term goal accomplished so I can move on to the bigger ones listed above.



Got the dishes done with a little help from Dr. Phil


A clean stove with a clean hand towel or dish towel makes a difference for the whole kitchen. Ready to move to the next project!


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