Posting of Daily Goals for Decluttering/Organization – my Flight Plan

A 9-Month Flight Plan

I’M A FLYBABY! There! You have it! I have purple rags, a Rubba Swisha, two Rubba Scrubbas, and a FlyLady calendar, and I’m taking flying lessons from the FlyLady’s daily e-mails.

My purpose for the next 9 months (that’s how long the Fly Lady took with hers) is to organize my house/life/routines to the point where my family and I can do the things we need and want to do each day easily. We will find the library books that need to be returned. We will have a pen when we need one. Our house will be a place to breathe a sign of relief when we come home at the end of the day and where we can relax and enjoy each other. Or get away from each other!! Bedrooms need to be havens of escape, not cluttered and anxiety-producing.

HERE’S THE WHY! I’ve been on a journey my whole life from one stage to another. I can even fit each stage into a neat little box that makes it easier to write about, even though the current stage has been filled with more hills and valleys than any of the others. After more than 20 years in the same itinerant teaching job, I have spent the last 4 years flying from one adventure to another and only now believe that I will land and stay while in the same two small communities that I’ve connected with in the past year. My home life is full of three kids whom I enjoy very much, the oldest of whom is preparing to do some flying of her own. They are all teaching me a lot and may show up here once in awhile.

Now it’s time! The kids played in the basement when they were younger. Now there’s no room! We have a kitchen counter and breakfast nook made to sit at but no counter space to put our dishes. Our laundry baskets are filled with orphaned socks. We have a cardboard box full of mail. And my desk is surrounded by bins and bags of teaching materials.

Now, HERE’S THE HOW! Sometimes I use the FlyLady’s Flight Plan for the day. Sometimes it’s my own plan based on current urgent need. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two! But I need accountability! Future blogs will not be this lengthy, but I do need to post what I’m doing each day in my own personal 9-month flight plan. I would be most grateful to receive feedback from others who may also be organizing their lives. My goal is to do something (15 minutes in length at minimum) each day for the next 9 months or less to reach the goal of maintaining established routines. I’ll have my house and job all under control and have more to give back to others.

So… I commit to posting every day the one extra thing I will do that day as part of my flight plan. I will not allow dishes and laundry to get in the way of spending at least 15 minutes on one extra thing!

TODAY’S FLIGHT PLAN: dishes & laundry around instrument lessons and Taekwondo, MY ONE EXTRA: Sort “Keep” (blue basket), “Throw” (red basket), “Bless” (white basket – to bless someone else with through sale or donation) in the basement and post picture.


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